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Corporate Services from Blue Light Investigations

Blue Light Investigations & Training Ltd provides a broad range of investigative and training services that are delivered to the standard of excellence and discretion that are appropriate to the needs of modern businesses and organisations.


We have a fully accredited investigative capability with over 30 years experience in a broad range of social and corporate environments and settings, including charities, hospitals and businesses in both the public and private sector. You can rely on that experience and expertise to secure you a positive resolution to protect your business or organisation.

Belief in the objectivity and thoroughness of an investigation are vital if it is to be considered to be credible. To that end, the proven independence, professionalism and expertise of Blue Light will secure the confidence and support of all involved. All outcomes are fully rationalised and evidenced to ensure transparency.

Safeguarding Training

Based on our experience of conducting the independent investigation into the activities of Jimmy Savile in Leeds, and our subsequent commission from the Department of Health to oversee all NHS related investigations into Savile nationally, we are able to provide uniquely insightful presentations and training into how he was allowed to thrive and the safeguarding lessons to be learnt.

From the identification of risk to the management of volunteers and VIPís, our training is a key component in preparing staff to work effectively in any environment in which a safeguarding duty of care applies.

Corporate Sabotage

We can help you ensure that your business is prepared and able to deal effectively with the ever increasing threat of sabotage, such as via blackmail or product contamination. We have extensive experience of reviewing organisational policies and procedures to identify vulnerabilities and of training staff and managers to ensure that when criminal threats are received they are dealt with effectively and corporate risk is minimised.

Even the threat of corporate sabotage can be extremely damaging to a business, in both financial and reputational terms. How would your business deal with the text message, e-mail, letter or phone call that is seeking to extort money? Allow us, with our specialised experience and knowledge, to prepare your business for that threat.